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Woodfrog Bakery Gets It


Some time ago I wrote about the difficultly of buying good quality fresh bread after business hours. If you are working long hours but want to make your own wholesome sandwiches for lunch the chances of getting fresh bread very early in the morning or on your way home from the CBD are hopeless, that is, until recently. Woodfrog Bakery (St.Kilda, Kew) now have fresh bread kiosks on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke Street (outside the old GPO) and also on the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Street. Open from 7:30 am until 7 pm in the evening, the kiosks sell nice sourdough loaves and pastries for you to pick up on your way through town. I always thought it would be brilliant if some enterprising baker sold bread in the evening when hungry workers make their way home, after all a baguette is a better prospect than some junk food and how nice to have a baguette to go with cheese and wine when friends come over in the evening. Parisians have the luxury of multiple baking times every day to ensure what appears to be their birthright; a daily crispy baguette, available morning, noon or night (well, until 8 or 8:30 pm). In contrast, we have to contend with plastic wrapped or stale mass produced supermarket bread or be happy only enjoying a great loaf on weekends. At last commuters have a touch of Paris in town. Woodfrog also sell freshly made sandwiches, so you can pick up something really tasty for lunch as well as a croissant or Danish pastry for your morning coffee break. Thank you Woodfrog – I hope the kiosks do well.


cooking melbourne • March 4, 2020

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