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Freeze-Dried Coffee


Now you can enjoy a pleasant cup of instant coffee with a jar of Tripod freeze-dried granules made from a brew of single origin, Yirgacheffe beans. The coffee beans used are also organic and fairtrade. Tripod is a small Tasmanian company that sells compostable coffee capsules online and has recently added instant with a difference. Freeze-drying is a superior method of preserving a natural coffee flavour, rather than the strange metallic burnt taste resulting from drying with high heat. It is worth noting that freeze-dried is also the best way to buy instant bakers yeast, ensuring you get maximum yeast activity. I am very glad that an Australian company is offering this product. I first heard about instant espresso coffee powder from one of Nigella Lawson’s cooking programs where she used it to make her Tiramisini (a quick, light version of Tira Mi Su) to it give a good coffee flavoured kick. I have a family coffee cream cake recipe that relies on me trying my best at making a very, very strong brew to mix through a butter cream but it is hard to get good coffee intensity. I have tried the cheffy trick of making a coffee extract by carefully combining melted sugar (caramel) with brewed coffee but this is extra sugar and rather hazardous to make. Tripod instant will be a real boon for cooks out there that love coffee flavoured desserts and a great thing to pack for hiking and camping trips.

Tripod instant is available online ($24.95 /35 gram jar, $44.95/70 gram jar)

Jasper Coffee also have a freeze-dried instant coffee at a much cheaper price point but at a minimum pack size of 500 g ($54.95), so you need to commit to some instant coffee drinking as well as baking to get through it.


cooking melbourne • August 27, 2021

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