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Transpacific FaceTime Meals


With loved ones over in the West coast of the USA it was nice to be able to get together for a meal via FaceTime on the weekend. The time difference is such that you can co-ordinate a US dinner with an Australian lunch and even arrange the same menu, so there is an easy entree to conversation and laughter. If you have a few people at one end, like we did, it is best to be seated interview style at one side of the dinner table opposite a large screen TV (Apple TV or TV with laptop connectivity). We set up an ipad facing us as the camera. You might need a trial run to make sure you are all connected and the lighting is right to see faces clearly. Once the connectivity is ironed out the fun can begin. Having the same menu was a hoot but make sure you keep it simple. As the meal progressed each course was presented for inspection and it was surprising how similar our baked chicken pieces with Mediterranean vegetables looked.  I really did get a sense of a shared meal. We decided on a menu that made sense for the two different continents and now is a great time as both are on the cusp of seasonal change. Plating out a cold starter such as cured ocean trout with tarragon mayo was simple while the tech-heads in the family got the connecting underway and our oven-baked chicken was an easy one pan dish that could sit there once cooked and be served at the table without fuss. Some cheeses followed and then creme caramel for dessert, but any pre-prepared dessert is a good option. Co-ordinating the same wine can be a little tricky; we chose neutral European territory, so no Napa/Yarra valley rivalry could ensue. If this all sounds a bit silly and gimmicky to you believe me it wasn’t, it was great.  The next one is queued for Thanksgiving.

cooking melbourne • October 22, 2017

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