Self-styled Muesli

If you are a muesli fan it can be very frustrating finding a brand that you are really happy with. Much time can be spent at supermarkets peering at packets that look like they are filled with sweepings off the factory floor or money wasted on taking a punt on a non see-through packet with a delightful picture on the box. You can of course make muesli yourself, sourcing the ingredients from wholefood stores, where the ingredients are sold more cheaply in bulk, but all this does require time, interest and a routine to be able to replenish stocks to avoid disappointment at the early hours of a frantic morning. For the time poor with funds there is a way of getting exactly the muesli you want without having to make it yourself.

Yousli, (a great name) is a company that allows you to devise your own muesli recipe on line fromabout_tube a  list of ingredients and get it delivered to your door. You build the muesli in 3 steps, selecting a base (e.g. classic, gluten free, high fibre) then adding your choice of seeds/grains/nuts and finally selecting the fruit you want. A classic with almonds, pepitas, cranberries and dates came in at $11.95 for 500g. They have a variety of exotic and quality ingredients,  including barberries, goji berries, organic fruits, activated nuts, chia and buckinis just to name a few. You can also register, save and name your tailored muesli recipe, so it’s easy to re-order.