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Schulz Organic Dairy A Glass Act


Schulz Organic Dairy has been working hard and so too its many followers in achieving an initial crowd funding target of $48,000 to expand its new milk in glass bottle operation to 3,000 bottles. The aim is to produce customised, easy to process glass milk bottles with glass printed labels, extend distribution to major retailers and eventually phase out the plastic milk bottle. Having achieved their initial funding target they say they are now 100%  committed to going further and producing 10,000 bottles. 10,000 bottle equates to 20-tonne of plastic saved from entering the waste system per year if Simon Schulz and his supporters can make it to $144,000. If you want to make a pledge and be a significant part of the DRINK | RETURN | REFILL | REPEAT movement visit

Simon says Australians use and dispose of the equivalent of 2.5 billion 1L plastic bottles of milk used and discarded in Australia each year. That’s enough 1L plastic bottles that if we were to lie them down end to end they would circle Australia 1.75 times EVERY MONTH!

I think Schulz’s milk bottle venture could become a movement for change. Before you say bottles are too heavy, hard to pour, inconvenient blah, blah, blah.  I bet you have no problem carrying, pouring from and recycling bottles of wine. After all milk in glass bottles isn’t a new concept.

To help us eliminate plastic, check out our crowdfunding campaign via the link below!Sharing is caring, so please share this link with your networks so they too can be part of the solution!

Posted by Schulz Organic Dairy on Wednesday, August 1, 2018



cooking melbourne • August 26, 2018

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