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Ruby Chocolate By Shocolate


Melbourne family chocolate company, Shocolate, have been making really beautiful chocolates since they established a wholesale business in 2009. Shocolate prefer to say they are creative with couverture and that creativeness extends to the use of a special tangy chocolate derived from ruby cocoa beans, a genuine cocoa variety. Ruby beans have a natural red colour and sour flavour so that the chocolate produced is without any colour or berry flavour additives. It really is a new dimension in chocolate and delicious. Shocolate’s Ruby Royale bar is decorated with pomegranate arils and hibiscus flowers for an exotic touch and added tang. Look for this lovely bar and their other lines from major gourmet food stores around Melbourne. I don’t know if a retail shop is on the horizon but in the meantime check their website for stockists and also look out for their pop-up shops at Easter and Christmas time.

Ruby Cocoa Beans

cooking melbourne • May 3, 2019

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