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Provenance From Provenir


Provenir is a Victorian based company that is establishing Australia’s first mobile on-farm abattoir and meat processing system. The idea of free range meat is a sound one but when the final stages of a well raised animal is a long and stressful journey on a truck to distant holding pens and a slaughterhouse it does sort of defeat the purpose. The idea of slaughtering on site with further processing at a closer meat processing hub makes lots of sense and given that the number of abattoirs across the nation is shrinking the need for this approach is timely. Provenir also plan to show the provenance of each cut of beef with traceable labeling, so you know where your beef is from. Provenir has already secured $1.4 million in funding for their fully integrated beef supply chain. Crowd funding through Pozible will get you a chance to test a meat pack yourself and help get more mobile units up and running with more farmers across the state this winter. Crowd funding is due to end this Sunday.


cooking melbourne • May 24, 2019

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