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Koko Black New Australian Flavour


In a brilliant move Koko Black has partnered with chef, Dan Hunter (Brae; ex Royal Mail, Dunkeld) to produce some extraordinary chocolates with a distinctly new Australian flavour. Aniseed myrtle, lemon myrtle, macadamia, finger lime, whipstick wattle, spotted gum honey, Davidson plum and the rather surprising, green ant, feature in individual pralines or chocolate bars. This might be viewed purely as a marketing response to Koko Black’s popularity with international tourists but by engaging Dan Hunter and taking a serious exploratory approach the result is delicious chocolates rather than just something gimmicky. The unique flavours of Australia do make these chocolates excellent gifts for friends and relatives from abroad but I really enjoyed them and would also buy them for myself as a special treat. I was particularly impressed with the clean flavours, without overt sweetness. In contrast to the current trend of salt enhanced sweets, Hunter’s salted macadamia chocolate showed restraint, allowing the macadamia nut to take centre stage with just a hint of the savory and the sugar staying well back. Well done Koko Black and the packaging is as elegant as always.

9 piece gift box $29; 80 g block $13.50


cooking melbourne • February 22, 2019

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