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Irene's traditional Greek pastry

Irene’s Pastry


I don’t usually buy ready made pastry but then I chanced upon Irene’s Pastry in the IGA freezer. It’s a wonderful locally made Greek pastry traditionally used for spanakopita, so is really stretchy, easy to roll out and handle. Just like the packet says it is Quick and Easy. I have used it for a savoury spinach and potato pie and also a sweet, apple and pear pie with excellent results. The instructions say to thaw it out in the fridge overnight but I am not always that organised and found it thawed out at room temperature after an hour or so. There are numerous stockists around Melbourne so check their website for details. I went back and bought two packets to pop into the freezer at home  and at around $10  for 1 kg of a quality product it’s a bargain.  I would strongly recommend using it in place of packet filo as it has a better flavour and more texture like a home made strudel or baklava pastry. In fact using Irene’s pastry and really stretching it out to make an apple strudel is next on my to do list; will keep you posted.


cooking melbourne • October 21, 2015

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