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ricotta cannoli from briscotteria

In Search Of Cannoli – Biscotteria North Carlton


Just over a year old Biscotteria in North Carlton maybe young but there are years of experience at the heart of this Italian pastry shop. Biscotteria is filled with biscotti, as the names suggests, but also lots of small cakes, nougat and pastries.  I went in search of cannoli as I am currently on a quest to find the best cannoli in Melbourne. I have fond memories back in the early eighties of stopping in Lygon Street, Carlton on route to the university for a chocolate and vanilla custard filled cannoli. They were deliciously sweet and crunchy and with all the walking I did back then had no adverse effect but after travels in Italy I began to see the virtue of the classic Sicilian and mildly sweet ricotta filled cannoli. With just the tang of orange peel and nutty green pistachios at the ends these delightful cannoli are almost breakfast fare and if coupled with a quick espresso it is exactly how many Italians face the work day. Biscotteria do a lovely classic cannoli as well as the custard filled variety and they also serve coffee, so you can do as the Romans do. Another wonderful ricotta pastry is sfogliatella, which means, small leaves, and describes the fine, multilayered leaves of pastry that forms a pocket filled with ricotta and orange zest. I discovered these with my husband on our first trip to Europe. Having just landed in Rome at some ungodly time in the morning, before anything is open, we strolled for some time around the perimeter of The Forum admiring the oranges trees laden with fruit and then with stomachs starting to rumble we wandered down a lane attracted by the smell of freshly baked pastry. The only thing on offer at this hole in the wall establishment was sfogliatelle, a difficult start for our limited Italian vocabulary but we managed to get our tongues around it. The sfogliatelle were so light and fresh and fragrant with orange it was the perfect breakfast and start to our Roman adventure. What makes great cannoli and sfogliatelle is the freshness of the ricotta and a delicate, crispy pastry. These pastries are at their best eaten not long after filling. At Biscotteria, if you can’t see any cannoli in the glass counter, ask, and they will kindly fill some for you. Enjoy at any time of the day.

ricotta filled sfogliatelle

Biscotteria North Carlton: 288 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton.

Biscotteria cannoli



cooking melbourne • August 10, 2018

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