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Fioretto Small Flowers of Cauli


If a whole or even half head of cauliflower is more than you can manage then a new variety of cauliflower, fioretto, is a perfect compromise. Not just for the single cook, fioretto (small flower, in Italian) might also be the answer for those that prefer a milder cauliflower flavour. Fioretto is, I suppose, what broccolini is to broccoli; mild in flavour while probably giving the supermarkets a product with a slightly longer shelf life. At $4 for 200 grams it is not an economical purchase but then it will most likely be consumed in one meal without wastage…… but then there’s the plastic container it comes in. Fioretto may suit some consumers, tossed in a wok or salad, but for cauliflower lovers my bet is they will be thinking about a big baking dish of cauliflower cheese this winter with the leftovers going nicely with some tuna in a sandwich.


cooking melbourne • June 4, 2021

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