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oxfam Easter eggs

Easter Eggs


Oxfam Easter eggs  are available in their shops in The Walk Arcade, MelboOxfam eggsurne, 132 Leicester St, Carlton and Chadstone. The large boxed eggs ($19.95) are handmade in Australia from organic, fairtrade, single origin chocolate (dark 72% and milk 37% cocoa) and the bags of smaller decorated eggs ($11.95) are made in Belgium.

If you fancy something a little more decorative and artful you cant’ go past artisan, family owned chocolatier, Xocolatl (11 Stathalbyn St, East Kew and 123 Maling Rd. Canterbury).Xocolatl Mondian

Xocolatl’s art series eggs are beautifully hand painted with designs paying homage to Pollock, Mondrian and Faberge. They also sell boxes of beautifully decorated small eggs . Be aware that these great designs only work on white chocolate eggs, so if you are hankering for the taste of real dark or milk chocolate you will have to forgo the bold artistic ones. Xocolatl also only use certified fairtrade couverture.


cooking melbourne • March 19, 2015

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