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Drinking Water – The Innovations Keep Coming


Reduction of plastic bottles and removal of plastic waste in our environment is a major target of innovators concerned with the health of our planet. While re-usable plastic or other drinking bottles are increasingly adopted there is still an urgent need for returnable glass drink bottles to make a major impact on the volume of plastic. In some situations it seems there is no alternative to plastic. Large amounts of plastic bottle waste is created at major events such as music festivals, marathons and fun runs when plastic water bottles are dished out for essential oral re-hydration only to be tossed away when empty. Inventors at start-up, Skipping Rocks Lab, at London’s Imperial College have developed a unique solution with their seaweed based edible water pouches. The brown seaweed grows a metre a day in the lab without additional fresh water, so is a sustainable product. The seaweed pouches were trialed at the London Marathon this year along with re-cycling of discarded bottles and use of compostable cups, greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste. Skipping Rocks Lab is also working on eco-friendly alternatives to cling film and the plastic liners used in disposable paper coffee cups.

Skipping Rocks Lab – Ooho! – Crowdcube pitch from Skipping Rocks Lab on Vimeo.


cooking melbourne • May 27, 2019

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