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Cultured Butter A Cut Above The Rest


Cultured butter has been produced in Europe for centuries. Born out of farmhouse traditions of collecting cream over several milkings before churning to make butter, cultured butter was essentially made from soured cream. It still is made from sour cream today but live cultures are directly added much like in yoghurt making. Unsalted cultured butter is loved in Europe for eating as it has a pleasant very slightly sweet, slightly tangy taste as well as pro-biotics to aid digestion. It is the preferred butter for baking because of its higher fat content and lack of salt. Cultured butter has really taken off in Australia in the last few years with more and more small dairy producers trying their hand at making it. Great cream is where it all starts and Schulz Organic Dairy in Timboon have plenty of Gold Medal Award-winning cream, so it is not surprising that Schulz has just added cultured butter (salted and unsalted) to their list of products. Making small scale cultured butter is not a cheap process, so these butters tend to be double or a third more pricey than your industrial widespread stuff (sorry about the pun). For a similar price to fancy French imports you can now buy local versions.  Look for Schulz cultured butters at Farmers Markets around Melbourne and regional centres.


cooking melbourne • July 2, 2018

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