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burrata-La Latteria



Finally, the weather is acting a bit more like summer and I feel like diving into some summer salads. Although I have lots of inspiration from my two Ottolenghi books, Plenty and Plenty More and Damian Pignolet’s very fine book, Salads, what I have been looking for is a salad that allows just two ingredients to shine and I found that with my beloved tomatoes and a sensational ingredient, burrata. Burrata is a bag formed from the skin of mozzarella and filled with cream and bits of the stretched curd. This orb of lusciousness is waiting for you to cut it open and allow the creamy centre to ooze out onto your tomatoes. Serve it as a main dish for a lunch with basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and some bread to mop up. See recipe tab for a panzanella salad. It can also be put on top of pizza or torn up in a pasta dish but nothing beats the anticipation of being able to plunge your knife in and eat it all yourself. Available ($7.50 /125 g ball) at top artisan Italian cheese shop, La Latteria, 104 Elgin St, Carlton.


cooking melbourne • February 9, 2015

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