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Brigid’s Well


From the makers of Holy Goat cheeses in Sutton Grange, Victoria comes a new ash covered, creamy goats cheese called Brigid’s Well.  I’m pleased she is was my husband’s expected remark but when you see an entire 670 gram ring of this cheese you can imagine one of the many stone wells dedicated to St Brigid in Ireland that it is meant to represent. Brigid has been a figure in Irish folklore for centuries; originally thought to be the chief druid of the temple of the goddess Brigid in Kildare she later converted the site to a Christian monastery and adopted the name of Saint Brigid. Noted for many miracles, the list of her patronage is long and aptly includes dairy farmers and milkmaids. Her feast day, February 1st, is widely celebrated in Ireland, with elements of both the pagan and Christian custom, including the visiting of sacred Brigid wells.  While no particular foods are part of the celebration, the Gaelic tradition is of marking the beginning of Spring on Brigid’s Day. In the Southern hemisphere, while we are well in to Spring, it is a good time to enjoy this wonderful cheese and perhaps, for the Irish in you, add it to your cheese board on St Brigid’s day too. Portions of the ring are packaged and available from farmers markets around Melbourne or check the web site for stockists.


cooking melbourne • November 16, 2017

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