Wild Life Bakery

Wild Life Bakery has been running for a couple of years now, so I have been a bit slow on the reconnaissance which is unfortunate as I’ve missed out on some wonderful breads. Not that Melbourne is short of good artisan bakers but this baker not only makes a very fine loaf but is open on a Monday, a day of the week when good bread is really hard to buy. So hats off to the Wild Life team for being open on Monday. I often think that bakers would do better to do their dough magic during the daytime and sell fresh loaves to homeward bound workers in the evening; that way we get artisan fresh bread at dinner time and sandwiches to take to work the next day, rather than just buying it on the weekends. The life of bakers would be easier with normal sleep times and maybe sales would go up. There might be a grain of truth in that. Anyway Wild Life Bakery makes wonderful rustic loaves with Australian-grown heirloom wheat varieties, the dough fermented for 24 hours. The crusts are very crisp, the bead moist and fragrant and the flavour exceptional. This is bread to enjoy with a good extra virgin olive oil. The bakery also has a spacious, airy cafe where you can partake of the usual cafe fare and house cakes and pastries. Located on Albert Street, East Brunswick it can be difficult getting a park in this very narrow and congested street but if you are local, tram it along Lygon Street, ride a bike or swing by in the car during the day then there‚Äôs no problem.

90 Albert Street, East Brunswick/ Open Monday – Sunday 7:30 am – 3:00 pm