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Blessed Are The Cheesemakers


I have been having fun making feta today using Millie’s Homemade Cheese Starter Kit. It was a wonderful gift from my sister and I have to admit it has got me pretty interested in making some more cheeses. It would be the perfect gift for that foodie friend of yours or a child with some culinary curiosity. It is pretty idiot proof but you do have to make sure you use unhomogenised milk with at least 7 days until its expiry date. Fresh is best. From 4 L of milk I now have 4 jars of marinated feta. The kit suggests using canola oil but I would recommend marinating in extra virgin olive oil, after all you want to be dipping your bread in this and adding the left over oil to salad dressings and really enjoying the taste. This starter kit is from New Zealand and is available online or from Gewürzhaus. The company also make other kits for beer and cider brewing.


cooking melbourne • May 6, 2015

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