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Backyard Beekeeping


Backyard beekeeping seems to be all the rage at the moment, with an ABC TV program promoting the idea, jars of Backyard Honey a now familiar site in upmarket food stores around Melbourne and people generally in a buzz about bees and their importance to our lives. Backyard beekeeping may not be on your to do list but if you have got the veggie patch, compost bins and worm farms under control then why not consider another dimension to your garden plot with your very own bee hive. Backyard beekeeping is a skill set that needs a bit of guidance from experts and what better way to start on this fascinating journey than with an introductory course at Think Thornbury. Their short introductory beekeeping workshop is running on Tuesday 19 February at 6:00pm, 800 High St., Thornbury and costs $47. Even if backyard beekeeping is not your thing consider what you can do to attract bees to your garden by planting appropriate flowering plants and who knows you might be rewarded by a neighbour with hive.

This backyard beekeeping workshop is part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 1-28 February. Check their website for other food related workshops and talks that may be of interest; there is a lot happening.


cooking melbourne • February 8, 2019

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