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Coffee Basics Viennese Style


After another recent visit to Kaffeehaus, a Viennese style coffee house in the town of Castlemaine, I was very much taken with their wonderful coffee. I’m not referring to the notorious coffee with whipped cream but a straight up coffee. Lovers of long black coffees will be rewarded with an aromatic, well rounded flavour with no aggressive bitterness when you sip the house brew (Coffee Basics Sipping Girl, Blend). A long black really is the perfect foil for hand-made apple strudel or any of the traditional Viennese specialty cakes here but if a cafe latte or Grosser Brauner is more your thing then those are perfectly made too. The really great news is that you can easily enjoy this coffee at home, without making the trip to Castlemaine (although I would recommend it) by buying the Coffee Basics beans on line. The micro coffee roastery is part of an expansive coffee house which also has outdoor seating. Kaffeehaus has typical Viennese coffee house specialties such as schnitzels, knödel, goulash and a variety of sausages which are best matched with the Shedshaker beers brewed at The Mill or some local wines. Leave room for a great coffee and cake, you can always take a walk around town afterwards.

Kaffeehaus: The Mill, 9 Walker St., Castlemaine. Open 7 days


cooking melbourne • February 26, 2020

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