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chicken gizzard salad

Salade de Gesiérs

Salade de Gesiérs  is so widespread in eateries in the Occitanie, between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, it is hard not to eat it at some point in your travels in this southern region of France. I use the French, Salade de Gesiérs, since the English equivalent, gizzard salad, does not quite have the…

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Against The Grain – Smoked Brisket Salad

Smoked meats are all the rage at the moment, a consequence of Melbourne’s continuing love affair with American food, specifically American fast-slow food. By fast-slow food I mean the 15 hour, slow-smoked beef brisket as the basis of a meaty bun with fried onions, mayo, melty cheese, pickles etc. There is another approach to smoked…

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freekeh pilaf

Freekeh Pilaf With Asparagus And Egg

This freekeh pilaf recipe is in essence the recipe on the back of the box of Mt. Zero cracked freekeh. Mt Zero sell a wonderful range of locally grown grains and pulses that are available at most supermarkets and grocery stores, so make sure you stock a few boxes in your pantry for easy meatless…

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pomegranate and tomato salad

Pomegranate and Tomato Salad

This pomegranate and tomato salad is a lovely tangy, eye-catching side dish to enjoy in winter. While winter tomatoes may look perfect, they are basically hard and pretty tasteless and a waste of money but cherry tomatoes of all shapes and colours do have flavour and are perfect paired with seasonal pomegranates for this dish….

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Lunch Jar

A lunch jar is a cute way to enjoy a  salad for lunch at work. You can of course put the salad in your trusty Tupperware container but this trendy packaging will make your lunch look more inviting and create a bit of conversation piece …..oh, don’t you put your lunch in a jar? Freekeh…

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