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Agnolotti Del Plin

I really enjoy making fresh pasta and gnocchi and over the years I have become pretty good at whipping these up without any fuss but filled pasta, like ravioli, I’ve been less successful with. My attempts at ravioli have been plagued with filling leakages and size variations that would make most Nonnas weep. Invited to…

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my cucina povera / Roman pasta

A Roman Villa And Cucina Povera

Cucina povera, Italian for poor kitchen, is not so much poor as imaginative as it involves creating something really tasty out of a few simple ingredients. The ability to conjure something out of foraged or left over ingredients that is thoughtful and heartwarming always inspires me and it was on a trip to Sicily that…

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chilled ramen

Ramen Chilled To Perfection

The ever popular Japanese ramen soup is a great cool weather meal but when the temperature is up the last thing you want to do is sweat over a steaming bowl of soup. Also if you are not too adept at using chopsticks and fear being seen with soupy blotches on your light coloured clothing…

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tarragon gnocchi confit eggplant

Tarragon Ricotta Gnocchi

This year my tub of tarragon did very well and is still looking great with soft fronds one would expect at the start of spring.  This delicious aniseed flavoured herb is wonderful paired with chicken, fish, eggs, tomatoes and spring vegetables but I did begin to wonder how I could use more of it and…

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smoked trout pasta-lessons in simplicity

Lessons In Simplicity – Smoked Trout Pasta

My smoked trout pasta has been part of my kitchen repertoire since the day I devised it when living solo overseas and finding nothing more than a couple of capsicums, leeks and a smoked trout fillet  in the fridge. While I never doubted the combination would work, I was pleasantly surprised at just how good…

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