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small bites with Holy Goat

Small Bites Make A Big Impression

I like serving interesting small bites with drinks. I guess I have been influenced by my Austrian mother who always made little open sandwiches with pretty garnishes no matter what the occasion and for whoever dropped in unexpectedly. Somehow she always managed to rustle up something that looked appetizing and that’s what an appetizer should…

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oysters freshly shucked

Oysters Alive Alive O

Nothing beats freshly shucked oysters. Their just caught, or rather dispatched, ocean flavour really sets them apart from those long dead ones in trays you mostly see in fish shops and markets.  That wonderful fresh flavour is why oyster bars and good restaurants shuck to order and why tourists head to The Seafood and Oyster…

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ajvar with flat beans on Turkish plate

Ajvar – Balkan Roasted Pepper Relish

Ajvar (EYE-vahr) is a popular roasted pepper relish throughout the Balkans. The word, Ajvar, is Turkish for fish roe but the method of roasting peppers and eggplant, slowly cooking the skinned and chopped flesh with lemon juice, sunflower oil and salt seems to be of Serbian origin. Ajvar is a great accompaniment to barbecued meats,…

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spicy lamb shanks

Spicy Shanks

There’s nothing I enjoy more than spicy shanks with the meat falling off the bone into a pool of spicy North African tomato gravy. Harissa is the perfect chili paste for the job and Australian brand, Garnisha, is such a good product I have no qualms with opening a bottle and using it as my…

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habanero-turn up the heat

Turn Up The Heat With Chillies

Turn up the heat with chillies if you’re feeling a little cooler these days. Glenora Heritage Produce at Gasworks Farmer’s Market has got every chilli you could possibly want to spice up your dishes. Now is a good time to make harissa, kasundi or a chilli paste to store in your pantry, string a few…

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