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Strawberry muffins

Random Acts Of Kindness


The last 18 months or so have certainly changed the way we interact with people; whether that is remotely or by in-person contact with family, friends or neighbours. So many people have said a sense of community has developed with neighbors or that they have spent more time listening to their aging parents or their siblings. While we used to just say hello to locals in passing we might now ask about their kids, whether they are coping with work at home or whether they have work at all. It’s not just words, we also shared things like scarce groceries, puzzles, seedlings, tools, books and food. On one occasion we lent someone a soldering iron and received a pot of basil in thanks. Perhaps in the past they would have rather gone to a tool library or not even bothered to fix something than approach somebody they didn’t know. A friend told me he enjoyed baking sweet yeast buns over the winter and rather than eat them all he routinely shared them with the kids next door. I’d like to think future interactions with neighbors need not be confirmed to discussions about the deteriorating fence and invasive tree roots. Although we have been friends with a neighbor for a little while now it was lovely to answer a knock on the door and be offered a plate of strawberry muffins…. “made with organic ingredients and only as much sugar as one needs.” What could be sweeter than these random acts of kindness. I hope the enjoyment and support shown in your community endures as a legacy of the pandemic.


cooking melbourne • November 13, 2021

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