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Participate Melbourne :: Amendment C245 Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal


The City of Melbourne has prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C245 for the use and development of the Queen Victoria Market precinct. Provide your submission until 4 December 2015.

My submission:

  1. Building heights surrounding the QVM to be kept low rise to maintain the open, sunny and expansive feel of the precinct.
  2. Building uses, and especially frontages onto streets, should complement and not compete with the QVM. Specifically, new surrounding retail activity should not include a supermarket, green grocer, butcher, seafood business or large-scale discount general merchandise business which will directly compete with the stalls currently trading at the QVM.
  3. No agreements/partnerships with large retail companies (e.g. supermarkets) as a means of funding QVM renewal.
  4. A halt on further franchise businesses taking up leases of stalls in the QVM


The QVM should retain the essence of a fresh food market that is price competitive, largely small business run, with occupancy weighted towards fresh food and produce.

The QVMP Renewal Built Form Review states as one of the key improvements: “Create mixed-use development sites and use funds raised through the development to support the market’s renewal.”

This concept has the danger of allowing large retail businesses to encroach on the QVM precinct and dictate the terms of the built form and nature of the retail development. It has the potential to put traders in direct competition with the new developments, adversely affecting the viability of family run trading and ultimately the very nature of the market.

Without these considerations the QVM is in danger of becoming a heritage building housing nothing more than yet another shopping mall/food hall; not worthy of tourist interest and, more importantly, no longer serving the people of Melbourne.


Source: Participate Melbourne :: Amendment C245 Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal


cooking melbourne • October 29, 2015

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