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I live in an apartment and love cooking, so every time I trim or peel fruit and vegetables I seem to generate an enormous amount of potential compost that ends up in landfill. I find this troubling.  Apartment dwellers are the worst recyclers; pizza boxes with the odd slice of pizza are routinely found in the paper recycling dumpster not to mention all kinds of plastic and polystyrene packaging. I’m not sure why this is so and efforts to educate with glossy, cheerful instruction posters and newsletters have not improved behaviour. It is not surprising then that body corporates are reluctant to add another contaminated waste problem by including a food waste bin in communal rubbish rooms. Some suburban councils are dealing with the burden of food waste in landfill by collecting or at least trialling the collection of dedicated food waste bins from kerbsides which is great. However, apartment dense inner city councils are reluctant to go that route because of the contamination problems experienced. A wonderful option for those of you who live in apartments and actively want to do something about recycling your food waste is ShareWaste. ShareWaste is a community initiative where people who have garden space can offer those that don’t a place to bring their kitchen scraps to be composted.  ShareWaste brings the two parties together in your neighbourhood. Taking a bucket of scraps to a neighbourhood site should not be seen as too onerous. It can be done as part of your weekend walking or riding exercise regime and it might be a great way to meet people in your community. Think of the cities in Europe where people have  to routinely do this for all their waste, general kitchen rubbish included. In some European cities bottle bins, general rubbish dumpsters, waste paper and plastics dumpsters are all in different locations too. We have it pretty easy in Australia but for how much longer? Just as water restrictions taught us to be more careful and self reliant with household water, ShareWaste is a way of empowering citizens to get on with the business of reducing waste and greenhouse gases. Food businesses too have been in on the act not only with food waste recycling (LifeCycle coffee ground waste to mushroom growers) but also with schemes that move surplus food from one business to another(Yume) or make surplus food available to community markets (Lentil As Anything’s Inconvenience Store) and to charities (Ozharvest, SecondBite and FareShare).

The number of composting sites in Melbourne is rapidly growing, so you can easily be part of the solution. Check out ShareWaste online or their easy to use App, sign up and then contact your nearest deposit house by email. Clicking on the house symbol on the Melbourne site map tells you what each active composter is willing to accept (anything but citrus and onions, only eggshells, no meat etc). Some want food for worm farms, so ShareWaste could be seem as a food delivery App for hungry earthworms.  Sharing is caring with ShareWaste.

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Would you become a compost donor?♻️ShareWaste is the new app that’s connecting people and turning food waste into a nutrient rich resource #sharewaste #compost #nowaste

Posted by Gardening Australia on Thursday, October 18, 2018


ShareWaste 💚 Melbourne

Did you know that ShareWaste community in Melbourne is one of the most active?We really 💚 Melbourne.Our ShareWaste hosts are people with backyards, chicken keepers, community gardens, farms and even small businesses.Be part of the solution with ShareWasteTom & Eli—–Let people know about ShareWaste and help them make more soil for their garden or recycle their food scraps😀—–

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