Cues From Nature For Christmas

Take a few cues from nature to create inexpensive ways to decorate your Christmas.
Christmas preparations can be expensive and wasteful but it needn’t be, especially when you use a little of your creative skills and make the whole process an enjoyable preparation rather than a stressful consumer exercise. Years ago I sat in the garden with my young nephews and made Christmas tree decorations by painting whole walnuts with gold acrylic paint. They seemed to enjoy the process of making something as well as helping to decorate the tree. The kernels inside the shells have long dried out and gone to dust while the outer golden shells still look wonderful on my tree years later. I like to add a few new decorations each year, so taking some cues from nature and a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood I collected fallen pine cones and gum nuts. The pine cones look marvelous just as nature made them and the gum nuts got the gold paint treatment by me – the nephews are busy with university life these days. Christmas need not be an onslaught of bright lights, shiny plastics and tinsel. Next time you are out in the garden or in the countryside look around at what nature can provide by way of decoration. Summer fruits, flowers, leaves and nuts can provide beautiful decorative table settings. Christmas wreaths made of eucalyptus branches with their elegant, elongated leaves perhaps with some added flowers or gum nuts are a perfect match for our relaxed, summery Christmas style but perhaps the nicest way to celebrate Christmas is with a display of summer fruits – all too easy in Australia.

Have a wonderful Christmas – eat well.