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Canals – End of an Era


Long established small businesses are dying out, which is not so surprising as we cannot always expect the next generation to learn the ropes and take over the helm with the same enthusiasm. It is remarkable then that Canals Seafood has been running as a family-run fishmonger in inner suburban Melbourne, first in Collingwood and then North Carlton, since 1917. But four generations of dedicated knowledge and customer service is unfortunately about to end when John and Peter Canals put the property up for sale and close the business in October this year. No longer will there be anxious queues on the footpath for seafood orders at Christmas and if you have been used to quality fish and shellfish on a weekly basis then you will have to seek alternatives. I will miss Canals. I loved the fact that they sold local, Victorian fish for preference and were happy to clean, fillet and advise you on the best way to cook your fish. I wish the guys an enjoyable and well earned retirement, no doubt with more time to fish. I will have to adjust, as we all have to in life, but I dread to think what lies ahead for this retail space, hopefully not another beauty salon or burger bar. 😥


cooking melbourne • September 22, 2017

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