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Discovering Melbourne's Artisan Foods and Produce

Oven Street Bakery fruit bread

Ovens Street Baker

I have been buying a very nice fruit loaf and sourdough bread from Senserrick Green Grocer recently. The bread comes from a baker that operates out of a small warehouse in an industrial street in the heart of Brunswick and aptly named Ovens Street. It is only open on Sundays, so I guess you could…

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English Muffin from Drury Lane

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

The muffin man, the muffin man.  Do you know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane?  He’s a bit of a mystery; no website or Facebook page, just a few very old tweets and Instagram pics of his amazing handmade English muffins. I guess this baker, like many artisan bakers, is just too busy…

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Hunted + Gathered fennel seed chocolate

Hunted and Gathered For The Chocolate Connoisseur

Melbourne artisan chocolate makers, Hunted + Gathered, produce some pretty sophisticated chocolate bars. Lovers of rich, dark, single origin chocolate will love the stunning, slightly savoury flavour of their fennel seed chocolate bar or be so intrigued by the salt and pepper bar as to feel like a pioneer in a totally new realm of…

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returnable milk bottles

Returnable Milk Bottles

Schulz Organic Dairy in Timboon are piloting the sale of their milk in returnable glass milk bottles and its a wonderful thing. I love the look, feel and taste of milk from a bottle. While there is no rational explanation for it, the milk seems colder and tastes even better than usual when I drink…

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Brigid’s Well

From the makers of Holy Goat cheeses in Sutton Grange, Victoria comes a new ash covered, creamy goats cheese called Brigid’s Well.  I’m pleased she is was my husband’s expected remark but when you see an entire 670 gram ring of this cheese you can imagine one of the many stone wells dedicated to St…

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