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Karrelian pies-Swedish Christmas

A Swedish Christmas Dinner

For no particular reason (we don’t have any Scandinavian heritage) my husband’s side of the family decided to do a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner this year instead of the usual roast pork and plum pudding or pavlova. In the Scandinavian tradition, there was a variety of dishes including blinis with various toppings: salmon roe, horseradish…

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Summertime and the Living is Easy

Over summer, having some simple food items on hand for your meals or for when visitors rock up and that require very little preparation but still have your foodie touch to it is a good idea. One thing I like to do is cure a side of fresh salmon. It takes a couple of days…

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Durum The Hard Wheat For Pasta That’s Hard To Find

Durum wheat flour is a hard, yellow wheat flour, high in protein (min 13%) but with less of the elastic gluten found in bread making flour. It is perfect for making pasta. While Tipo oo flour is most often used for pasta making here in Australia and you will get a lovely, silky pasta dough…

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crusty bread

A Good Loaf – Our Daily Bread

A really good loaf of daily bread is something I’m always on the lookout for. I appreciate bakers who take the time to make bread full of flavour and yeasty aromas. Some of my favorite crusty sourdough and rye loaves in Melbourne are from Der Partisan Bakery (87 Homes St, Brunswick), Natural Tucker, Nth Carlton;…

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