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Discovering Melbourne's Artisan Foods and Produce


New Urban Schick Market

I’m beginning to get a sense there’s a real food revolution quietly happening in Melbourne.  The popularity of local farmers markets selling fresh produce and artisan foods continues to grow steadily. We haven’t yet taken to blocking off streets as in many European cities but wouldn’t it  be wonderful if we could stick our heads…

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macabella-macadamia nut spread

Macabella – Australia’s answer to Nutella

Macabella, a chocolate macadamia nut spread,  is the latest product from the Buderin Ginger company in Queensland (although it is actually made in Belgium).  Bella is beautiful in Italian and a literal translation in Latin also means “wars”. Is this a subliminal message from Australia to Italy that we are about to knock Nutella off its…

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cheese starter kit

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

I have been having fun making feta today using Millie’s Homemade Cheese Starter Kit. It was a wonderful gift from my sister and I have to admit it has got me pretty interested in making some more cheeses. It would be the perfect gift for that foodie friend of yours or a child with some…

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chicken portuguese

Heritage Chicken – slow pace brings back flavour

I have heard it said that today’s chicken is like a blank canvas for chefs: it is so bland that it allows chefs to let loose and work their creative magic. The blandness of our chickens was really brought home to me on a visit some years ago to Portugal, where ordinary chicken at a…

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Dr Marty's crumpets

Crumpets Prescribed by Dr Marty

Not exactly new, Dr Marty’s Crumpets have been doing the  rounds of Farmers Markets in and around Melbourne for a couple of years now.  Crumpets are an old time favorite but unlike the supermarket varieties these are made with artisan care by chef Martin Beck using organic flour and you can taste the difference.  …

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