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cold poached tongue

Beef Tongue

Poaching meat and eating it cold is a great dinner solution for hot summer days and feeding groups of people. Matched with a tasty sauce, home made aioli or herb mayonnaise and a salad, poached meat makes a very enjoyable meal. Recently I poached some veal girello for vitello tonnato to eat at a beach house…

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Vitello Tonnato For Hot Summer Days

Vitello Tonnato is a lovely dish of thin slices of poached veal served cold with a tuna sauce.  It is one of those classic Italian dishes that sadly I haven’t encountered very much in Australia. However, Gertrude Street Enoteca routinely has it on their menu and it goes perfectly with a glass of white wine,…

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Mango Chia Pudding

Mango chia pudding is a great combination of luscious fruit and a super food, both grown locally in Northern Australia. Chia originated in Mexico and its status as a super food, while sometimes exaggerated, is certainly impressive. Chia has high levels of fibre (34%), calcium (5 x milk calcium), omega-3 fatty acids (18%) as well…

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plum puddling cake

Chocolate Plum Spice Cake

I decided to get a bit inventive by using mixed spice and plum compote when doing a scale-up test of the chocolate sponge for my black forest cake. As a result I created a chocolate plum spice cake that was very nice indeed. If you have a  cake recipe that you love and consistently rely…

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Japanese rice bowl

One Bowl Wonder

The Japanese donburi or rice bowl truly is a one bowl wonder. The Japanese make cooking for one a simple affair. It is partly the mindset of simplicity and partly a frugal approach to eating that is not only healthy and economical but practical when your fridge contents don’t look that promising. Probably one of…

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