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calamari stuffed

Stuffed Calamari

Stuffed calamari is one of my all time favorites, so whenever I see smaller calamari, about the size of my hand, I buy them for this dish; big ones are not quite as tender and are too much for one person to eat. Calamari are a very Melbourne thing, they are plentiful in the bay…

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Easter mouna buns

Mouna Buns For Easter

Instead of hot cross buns this Easter bake mouna buns, an orange flavoured brioche bun from Oran, Algeria instead. An Easter bun in Algeria might sound a little strange but mouna buns are thought to have been introduced by the Spanish after the establishment of a fort in Oran in the 15th century or sometime…

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small bites with Holy Goat

Small Bites Make A Big Impression

I like serving interesting small bites with drinks. I guess I have been influenced by my Austrian mother who always made little open sandwiches with pretty garnishes no matter what the occasion and for whoever dropped in unexpectedly. Somehow she always managed to rustle up something that looked appetizing and that’s what an appetizer should…

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sesame chocolate chip biscuit

Chocolate Sesame Biscuits

These chocolate sesame biscuits have a really nice crunch with chocolate sweetness and a slightly savoury, nuttiness from the toasted sesame seeds. You can use white or black sesame seeds or a combination of both.  They take very little time to prepare as everything is mixed in a food processor. The stiff dough is formed…

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Elizabeth chocolate zucchini cake

Forgotten Zucchini Cake

There are many recipes on the internet for zucchini cake as these vegetables tend to get out of hand in the garden and sometimes a real bruiser emerges that is either destined for the compost heap or a relative who lives in an apartment. Presented last week with one the size of a small baseball…

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