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Picketts Deli chicken roll

The Vexed Question Of Lunch

Lunch can be a troubling meal, starting with that vexed question of what to have. It’s often vexed because choices can be few and far between as there is a certain commercial sameness to a lot of lunch offerings in town. A good place might be too far from work, too expensive or the choice…

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lab cultured meat

Clean Meat On The Menu

The future of meat for food may well be clean meat. Clean meat is a term used to describe lab cultured meat and it’s clean because, although the few cells used to grow the meat are taken from live cattle, the process of growing those cells into a meat product is essentially sterile, devoid of…

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Japanese rice bowl

One Bowl Wonder

The Japanese donburi or rice bowl truly is a one bowl wonder. The Japanese make cooking for one a simple affair. It is partly the mindset of simplicity and partly a frugal approach to eating that is not only healthy and economical but practical when your fridge contents don’t look that promising. Probably one of…

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Canals – End of an Era

Long established small businesses are dying out, which is not so surprising as we cannot always expect the next generation to learn the ropes and take over the helm with the same enthusiasm. It is remarkable then that Canals Seafood has been running as a family-run fishmonger in inner suburban Melbourne, first in Collingwood and…

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Holy Goat Cheese

Holy Goat – Simply The Best

Holy Goat cheese producers in Sutton Grange, Victoria have regularly won awards from the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards. Their wonderful goat cheese, Silk, is a favorite of mine but I have to say all their cheeses are simply the best and it is not surprising that they have again secured a Gold Medal, this time…

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