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The Salty Allure Of Ortiz Anchovies

I was recently asked by someone opening a wine bar business what my favorite snack to have with a drink was. Olives, fried stuffed olives, guacamole, hummus, prosciutto with melon, oysters, pan con tomate, really good bread and EVOO, liptauer, padron peppers all rushed through my head but much to their surprise I settled on…

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Smørrebrød For A Ladies Lunch

Smørrebrød or open sandwiches Danish style are perfect for a ladies lunch. They are colourful and flavoursome without being carbohydrate heavy and the toppings can be prepared in advance and assembled on the day. Smørrebrød need a good rye bread foundation and it helps if the rye is dense, a nice, neat rectangular shape and just…

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The Aleppo Cookbook

War, loss, suffering and displacement are unfortunately our human lot. During tumultuous times poetry, music and food can be an important solace and gift of remembrance that can’t be so easily erased as bricks and mortar. Most immigrants and refugees have brought with them a food memory of some sort, whether it is a recipe…

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Nuts About An Alpine Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to explore the Victorian Alpine region. The Autumn colours are at their most vivid right now and in the late afternoon sun the poplars take on the look of giant golden torches against the soft dusky grey green of the hills. More common are the liquid amber trees…

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Petty’s Orchard

Years ago when I had a dog I would take extended walks in various parks around Melbourne, mostly low lying land abutting the Yarra but also some hilly tracts with remnant orchards in Doncaster and beyond. These little traces or our local agricultural history were delightful discoveries and made me wish our market gardens were…

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