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Greek Basil

Have you been planting herbs in readiness for a summer of salads and tomatoes? Last spring I discovered the virtues of Greek basil and have planted it in a terracotta tub again this year. Over the summer when tomatoes are at their best I love to have the just picked freshness of basil on hand…

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A Taste of Croatia

I’ve been touring Croatia and apart from Roman and medieval towns and the beautiful Adriatic, the food of Croatia was a big part of the adventure. Croatia, specifically the Dalmatian coast, plays host to an enormous number of tourists that spill out of large cruise ships on a daily basis throughout the warmer months. While…

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The Salty Allure Of Ortiz Anchovies

I was recently asked by someone opening a wine bar business what my favorite snack to have with a drink was. Olives, fried stuffed olives, guacamole, hummus, prosciutto with melon, oysters, pan con tomate, really good bread and EVOO, liptauer, padron peppers all rushed through my head but much to their surprise I settled on…

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Smørrebrød For A Ladies Lunch

Smørrebrød or open sandwiches Danish style are perfect for a ladies lunch. They are colourful and flavoursome without being carbohydrate heavy and the toppings can be prepared in advance and assembled on the day. Smørrebrød need a good rye bread foundation and it helps if the rye is dense, a nice, neat rectangular shape and just…

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The Aleppo Cookbook

War, loss, suffering and displacement are unfortunately our human lot. During tumultuous times poetry, music and food can be an important solace and gift of remembrance that can’t be so easily erased as bricks and mortar. Most immigrants and refugees have brought with them a food memory of some sort, whether it is a recipe…

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