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Quince charming

In this story Poached quince and porridge This quince recipe is simple enough, although it does take some time. That is the rule when poaching quinces: the slower the better. But the finished poached quinces can be used for a number of preparations. Source: Quince charming By Andrew McConnell The Saturday Paper

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How Flavor Drives Nutrition – WSJ

By Mark Bittman For more than 50 years, our food has been getting blander—and as flavor fades, so does nutrition. Source: How Flavor Drives Nutrition – WSJ  

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Michael Pollan Cooks! –

By Mark Bittman Cooking is not only a democratic pleasure, it is also daily creativity, it’s economic, it’s healthy, and it’s a link to the natural world. Source: Michael Pollan Cooks! –

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