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Kitchen Scraps – A Virtuous Cycle

My previous post covered a great option for saving kitchen scraps from landfill with a community based deposit system called ShareWaste. In the absence of a council collection ShareWaste is one option but another way of directing food waste away from landfill is to privately organise a food waste bin collection for your house or…

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Give Kitchen Scraps New Life With ShareWaste

I live in an apartment and love cooking, so every time I trim or peel fruit and vegetables I seem to generate an enormous amount of potential compost that ends up in landfill. I find this troubling.  Apartment dwellers are the worst recyclers; pizza boxes with the odd slice of pizza are routinely found in…

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The Secret To Cooking And Eating In Croatia

It might be hard to imagine that gutting sardines, anchovies and mackerel makes for a great holiday experience but I need to put it in perspective. First put yourself in the UNESCO world heritage island town of Trogir in Dalmatia, in the little 13th C palazzo of celebrity home cook, Tatjana Ciciliani. You have just…

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Greek Basil

Have you been planting herbs in readiness for a summer of salads and tomatoes? Last spring I discovered the virtues of Greek basil and have planted it in a terracotta tub again this year. Over the summer when tomatoes are at their best I love to have the just picked freshness of basil on hand…

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A Taste of Croatia

I’ve been touring Croatia and apart from Roman and medieval towns and the beautiful Adriatic, the food of Croatia was a big part of the adventure. Croatia, specifically the Dalmatian coast, plays host to an enormous number of tourists that spill out of large cruise ships on a daily basis throughout the warmer months. While…

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