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Bridge Farm poached rhubarb

Bridge Farm Rhubarb

One of my favorite stalls at the farmers markets I frequent is Bridge Farm. They are specialist in growing two things I really love to eat; asparagus and rhubarb. Happily they keep me supplied through the colder months with ruby red rhubarb and once spring hits I’m ready to pounce on their wonderfully fresh green…

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seedless manarins

Seedless Mandarins

At the Collingwood Children’s Farm farmers market this Saturday look for Doran Tolmi Citrus from Mildura. They will have baskets of seedless mandarins that are really juicy and with great flavour. Unlike supermarket mandas you don’t need to take two to work as insurance against a dried out dud; with these I can guarantee that…

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Autumn Harvest

Autumn is a busy time for those who love to do their own food gathering, foraging and harvesting. Once you have amassed your booty of chestnuts, wild mushrooms and Jerusalem artichokes there is then work to be done in the kitchen. This week I was given a big bag of chestnuts, collected up in Bright,…

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fig lovers time

Fig Lovers

Fig lovers can really get stuck into their luscious fruit now as the prices have dropped to an acceptable $10 per kilo. You can make a fig tart, add them to your cheese board, add them to salads or push a little piece of butter inside then wrap a slice of prosciutto around and grill…

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The Mighty Mutsu

The mighty mutsu apple is a large Japanese variety that weighs in at around 300 grams.  It’s a cross between a crisp golden delicious and the very sweet Indo, so the result is big fruit that has sweetness, an excellent degree of tartness and retains a fluffy structure after heating; all great characteristics for an…

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