Summer Apples

heritage apples

Summers apples are making a showing at markets now and lesser known and heritage varieties such as Akane, Abas, Pipins and Gravensteins can be found at some farmers markets. I also spotted Gravensteins at Organics Shed I, Queen Victoria Market ($6/kg). The Gravensteins are a great cooking apple with a sweet yet tart flavour. They retain their shape after cooking which is great for tarts and pies.

More Than Swiss Brown Mushrooms

While summer is a time for tomatoes, lettuces, stone fruit and melons I can’t help but tell you about the lovely exotic mushrooms available from the mushroom co.

This summer why not include a mushrooms salad with fresh herbs or char grilled king mushrooms to accompany your barbequed meats or fish (see recipe tab). Be aware that many of the king mushrooms you see in polystyrene packages in shops are imported from China. The large king mushrooms (pictured) and other wonderful varieties such as Enoki, Nameko, Shimeji, chestnut and black fungi are grown locally at Yarra Glen and are available at various farmers markets around Melbourne.