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Picture pearfect

Autumn – Picture Pearfect!

The lovely, mild Autumn weather is here again and its time for pears. Williams are available and Beurré Bosc are being harvested now. Add to salads, poach in white or red wine, use in sweet pies and tarts, serve with cheeses or enjoy as is. They don’t keep crisp for long, so only buy as…

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white zucchini

White or Lebanese Zucchini

If you are like many people who dislike or are indifferent to zucchini it is worth giving them another go by trying  Lebanese zucchini. They are a pale green colour with a lovely delicate flavour but without the bitterness in the skin you sometimes get from the darker green varieties. Buy them young and small…

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greengage plums

Greengages – Reine Claude

There are lots of plum varieties around the shops and markets now but worth looking out for are greengages. This plum was developed in France, where it is known as Reine Claude. Prized as a great desert plum, it is widely grown in Western Europe but not so well known here. They are a very…

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At Last Figs at Reasonable Prices!

Finally, I have spotted figs at the Queen Victoria Market at the reasonable price of $10/kg. While most are the purple variety, which look fabulous, I would actually advise you to seek out the Adriatic “white” variety that are an even light green colour. To my mind they have a much better flavour. Figs are…

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heritage apple farmer's market

Summer Apples

Summers apples are making a showing at markets now and lesser known and heritage varieties such as Akane, Abas, Pipins and Gravensteins can be found at some farmers markets. I also spotted Gravensteins at Organics Shed I, Queen Victoria Market ($6/kg). The Gravensteins are a great cooking apple with a sweet yet tart flavour. They…

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