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White Strawberries


You might be tempted to think that white strawberries are a modern monstrosity but they are in fact a hybrid variety created from a natural white strawberry indigenous to Chile. Why all the excitement about a white version of strawberry? Attributes of the white strawberry include an amazing perfume, a small berry size with a delicate soft texture and a lovely, lovely flavour. Just close your eyes, pop one in your mouth and experience real flavour and luscious berry texture. I’m sure you will be convinced. Being white allows some creative opportunities. A white wedding cake with a mass of berries with their blush of pink could look magnificent. Pair white strawberries with a red or a green colour focus – think jellies, sorbet or the intense green of a matcha roll cake. White strawberries look great with chocolate too. Here I have made a bavarois with red strawberries to contrast the white strawberries.
Gippsland Strawberries are selling their white (Blush) strawberries now at farmers markets around bayside Melbourne, including VegOut St. Kilda. Check their Facebook posts for upcoming market attendance. Alternatively, if you have a green thumb then take a trip out to The Diggers Club at Herronswood, Dromana and buy some midi pots of strawberry “Pineberry” to cultivate.


cooking melbourne • October 6, 2019

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