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The Mighty Mutsu


The mighty mutsu apple is a large Japanese variety that weighs in at around 300 grams.  It’s a cross between a crisp golden delicious and the very sweet Indo, so the result is big fruit that has sweetness, an excellent degree of tartness and retains a fluffy structure after heating; all great characteristics for an apple pie filling. Their natural sweetness also means you don’t have to add any sugar to the pie filling. Yes, you read that correctly, no sugar needed. For most of us wanting to reduce our sugar intake anyway of cutting back and still enjoying dessert is a big bonus. Mutsu apples are also fantastic for eating too; expect juice to run down your hand with each bite. It is worth seeking them out as they are really superior to the Granny Smith and increased demand for more varieties will help maintain produce diversity. Think back to when we only had a couple potato varieties to choose from and how dismal that was. The mutsu is a mid to late harvest variety and available now at farmers markets around Melbourne.  Look for them at the Hazeldene Forest Farm stall at Melbourne farmers markets, Ceres Organic Grocer, Brunswick and Organic Wholefoods, Fitzroy and Brunswick.


cooking melbourne • April 12, 2017

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