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seedless manarins

Seedless Mandarins


At the Collingwood Children’s Farm farmers market this Saturday look for Doran Tolmi Citrus from Mildura. They will have baskets of seedless mandarins that are really juicy and with great flavour. Unlike supermarket mandas you don’t need to take two to work as insurance against a dried out dud; with these I can guarantee that each one will be great.  Each mandarin comes with a leaf and stem still attached to show you just how freshly picked they are. These guys love their citrus and have plenty on offer for tasting. Look for their blood oranges and “yellows” (great big, easy peel, low acid oranges) in the next couple of weeks too.

Tolmi Citrus set-up outside Abbotsford Convent


cooking melbourne • July 7, 2017

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