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KP mangoes

Kensington Pride


Yippee, my favorite mango, Kensington Pride, has come South again. Originally hailing from the Queensland town of Bowen and sometimes called Pride of Bowen they are grown in the Northern Territory as well as Queensland and supplies are plentiful this year. Small KPs from the NT are now selling for around $3 and as we enter the summer season the Queensland ones will come on board and  then we should be right for mangoes until the end of February. These mangoes have a real mango flavour rather than just being honey sweet; you can guess I am not a huge fan of recent cultivars aimed at longer shelf life and higher flesh to stone ratios. The others are still nice mangoes but as the name suggests KP producers have every right to be proud. I guess that is why despite their erratic seasonal growth they are still the most popular, forming the largest segment of the local mango market. Check out the recipe for mango chia pudding and enjoy mangoes for breakfast or dessert.

cooking melbourne • October 19, 2017

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