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fig lovers time

Fig Lovers


Fig lovers can really get stuck into their luscious fruit now as the prices have dropped to an acceptable $10 per kilo. You can make a fig tart, add them to your cheese board, add them to salads or push a little piece of butter inside then wrap a slice of prosciutto around and grill the parcels for some fabulous tapas. If you enjoy making jam or preserves now is the time to think about fig jam or bottling whole figs in a spiced sugar syrup for winter desserts.

Check out farmers markets (look for John Howell’s stall) and farm gates for good deals or if a friend has a tree ask if they will part with some (believe it or not some people that have a tree  don’t actually like figs). Fig trees need regular watering so make sure each fig feels heavy when you pick it up, if not, it may be dry and not great eating.


cooking melbourne • April 25, 2017

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