Celtic Christmas

With Christmas approaching some people will be retrieving traditional family baking recipes and getting the Christmas cake, pudding or biscuits underway. Celtic Christmas traditions often include shortbread. These are wonderful to give as gifts or stash in the cupboard for unexpected guests in addition to appearing at some point during the Christmas festivities. While shortbread is a simple biscuit to make its buttery nature does require a light hand and a cool day; not something you want to sweat over in the kitchen on a thirty-five degree day. However, if you leave your run too late or are not a baker then The Celtic Bakery have excellent sweet buttery and tender shortbreads for you. Made by hand with just butter, flour and sugar, they taste just like something your Scottish gran would make. Pick them up and other traditional tarts and biscuits from select Farmers’ Markets (the next Saturday market is at St Andrew’s Church, Brighton) or gourmet food stores. You can also ring to order batches for corporate Christmas events.