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black sapote

Black Sapote


Yes, chocolate pudding does apparently grow on trees in the form of a weird fruit called black sapote. The black sapote is a relative of the persimmon and like its cousin is ready to eat when completely soft and pudding-like. The colour is intensely dark chocolate but the flavour is much more subtle with only a slight hint of chocolate. The texture is lovely and gooey, like a healthy chocolate fondant. In the back streets of Fitzroy there is a small warehouse green grocer complete with market truck parked inside. The Vegetable Connection has produce that is fresh and literally just off the truck and the black sapote was one of the curiosities or more unusual fruits that they also sell. I can’t tell you where else you can buy one but I can tell you to look out for it next time you are at a market or grocer. Spoon the flesh out and serve on top of natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, cocoa or a drizzle of honey. Just for the record there is also such a thing as a white sapote, but is unrelated, belonging to the citrus family. The white sapote is similarly soft with a delicate fruit salad or sometimes banana flavour. Both these fruit trees, although sub tropical, grow well in Melbourne in the right position. I encountered a very fine specimen in an open garden in Caulfield some years ago. The Vegetable Connection 85 Victoria Street, Fitzroy. 94173104.

When completely soft cut the top and spoon out the flesh. There will be about 5 large flat seeds that need to be discarded or saved for planting (Sapotes are a handsome but slow growing large tree that can grow in Melbourne in a North facing position).


cooking melbourne • September 6, 2020

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