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At Last Figs at Reasonable Prices!


Finally, I have spotted figs at the Queen Victoria Market at the reasonable price of $10/kg. While most are the purple variety, which look fabulous, I would actually advise you to seek out the Adriatic “white” variety that are an even light green colour. To my mind they have a much better flavour. Figs are wonderful in both savoury and sweet dishes. Halve figs and serve with cheeses or add to salads, they especially make a great addition to grain salads.  For a really lovely morsel with drinks, make a cut in the side and slip in a tiny piece of butter, wrap with proscuitto and roast until tender and proscuitto crisp. Serve figs marinated and grilled on French toast for a decadent brunch (see recipe tab). If you want to make fig jam then I suggest you buy a box from local growers, for example, from Just Picked in Yan Yean (check availability – late Feb or March fromgrowers near Melbourne).


cooking melbourne • February 13, 2015

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