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aparagus with Japanese omelette

Asparagus Appreciation


Asparagus season is in full swing again. You can enjoy them in a myriad of ways but simply blanching them until just tender is the nicest way to enjoy their flavour and texture. Asparagus lends itself to any cuisine, their sculptural look making a visual impact on platters as shown here where I paired them with a Japanese omelette. Skinny asparagus spears grilled on the barbecue make a great crunchy, smokey green vegetable to serve with meat and fish but are also wonderful slipped into ham or cheese filled baguettes as an tasty alternative to lettuce. Best of all is the breakfast treat of asparagus dipped into a boiled egg; it is a great carb-free start to the day. If you love asparagus then there are lots of ways to enjoy it at every meal of the day and now is the time.

Asparagus Tips: Buy asparagus from green grocers or farmers markets to ensure freshness and eat it within a day or two of purchase for maximum enjoyment. If buying from the supermarket give the tips a sniff for freshness, they shouldn’t smell dank nor should the tips be dry and yellowed. Cover asparagus in the fridge, especially the tips. Peeling thick asparagus spears helps to speed the cooking of the stem while not overcooking the delicate tips.

Producers supplying local Farmers Markets: Bridge Farm Asparagus; Jonella Farm



cooking melbourne • October 31, 2018

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