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Japanese rice bowl

One Bowl Wonder

The Japanese donburi or rice bowl truly is a one bowl wonder. The Japanese make cooking for one a simple affair. It is partly the mindset of simplicity and partly a frugal approach to eating that is not only healthy and economical but practical when your fridge contents don’t look that promising. Probably one of…

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Mushroom Risotto With Truffle Butter

It’s wild mushroom time again and pine mushrooms and slippery jacks provide perfect flavour and texture for a risotto. But if you want to raise the bar another notch, a mushroom risotto finished with some truffle butter can add a wonderful  extra dimension to your mushroom taste experience.  Truffle butter is subtle, adding that special…

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spring vegetable risotto

Spring Vegetable & Herb Risotto

This spring vegetable and herb risotto is  full of seasonal asparagus, double peeled broad beans, peas, fresh young herbs and finished with a spoon of sorrel “pesto”  for extra lemony tang. I guarantee you will love this combination. Sorrel is not widely used in Australia but is popular as a creamy soup in France or…

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sticky rice in lotus leaves

Nature’s Perfect Food Steamer-Sticky Rice in Lotus leaves

One of nature’s most water-repellent surfaces, lotus leaves are a remarkable wonder of nature. The wonder of the lotus leaf is that it is as porous as a sponge but rain drops literally bounce off due to waxy surface projections and microscopic air pockets that form an outer layer that doesn’t allow much surface contact…

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pumpkin soup coriander cumin

Pumpkin Soup Marketing

A pumpkin soup is a lovely soup and so easy to make, especially if you have a stick blender to give it a really silky, smooth consistency. Most people don’t mess with the flavour, relying on the natural sweetness of the pumpkin and nothing else but a good grind of black pepper. I wanted to…

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